The International Facility Management Association 2008, Houston, TX

As a director on the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Board of Directors, Mr. Sekula was appointed as Co-Chair of the Strategic Facility Planning Task Force commissioned in 2008 by the chairman of the Board of Directors of IFMA. This resulted in a white paper titled, Strategic Facility Planning.

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Associated Bank – Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI 2007

Mark Sekula has worked with Associated Banc-Corp, a financial institution based in Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin to help them decide the future of their facilities. It is an institution with $20 billion in assets and over 300 branches in Wisconsin and Illinois as well as 14 corporate and executive facilities totaling 515,000 square feet.

As project manager, Mr. Sekula led a team whose objective was to conduct a detailed analysis of Associated Banc-Corp’s corporate and executive facilities and provide a high level strategy for the future.

The process by which Mr. Sekula and the project team carried out this project began with researching the current business situation of Associated Banc-Corp. Working with Associated Banc-Corp, the team collected data about Associated Banc-Corp’s business, culture, work processes, styles, preferences, and people to understand how Associated Banc-Corp’s facilities must support the delivery of services to their customers and employees.

The team then conducted a Strategic Planning Session with Associated Banc-Corp’s Core Executive Team to understand Associated Banc-Corp’s mission/goals, conceptualize the intended experience of the Associated Banc-Corp corporate facility and create the project drivers which would be the guiding principals behind the team’s recommendations as well as ultimately, the measures of success.

This was followed by the team conducting 29 in-person qualitative facility programming interviews with approximately 51 Associated Banc-Corp staff from the 14 corporate and executive locations. In these interviews the project team gathered detailed information on the function of each department, what strategic initiatives they had in place to help meet the bank’s strategic goals, what work they performed and what the future facilities of the bank must be to fully support their business initiatives and the future work they would perform. In conjunction with the interviews the team toured each facility.

Upon completion of the research, strategic planning and the programming interviews the project team developed a detailed Strategic Facility Planning Report outlining their recommendations for facility options, from disposal to expansion and consolidation

After completing the Strategic facility Planning Report, the project team hosted a meeting with the Core Executive Team to present their preliminary recommendations. The commercial real estate brokerage firms currently retained by Associated Banc-Corp. attended the meeting. Based on the preliminary recommendations, they were instructed to investigate real estate opportunities in both Milwaukee and Green Bay to accommodate the future consolidated facility square footage requirements based on the teams’ final recommendations.

AQS-Hartland, WI 2007

AQS was a software company with 150 employees who was at full capacity at the time. Growth expectations were that they would have 165 employees in the near future and 300-400 employees in the next five years. They had investigated the potential of reconfiguring existing workstations to increase their capacity. The result of that investigation was that reconfiguration would allow them only very short-term relief. Our charge was to develop a long-term solution to their facility issues. This resulted in the development of a strategic facility plan that was to serve as their roadmap for future facility planning.

Bank of New York Clearing Services-Milwaukee, WI 2005

In this project we developed a long range plan for a company of 400 employees that was housed in a downtown highrise. Their intention was to not renew their lease and as such, they needed a plan for the future. We interviewed key personnel to understand their needs and future growth and based on that made four preliminary recommendations. We then conducted a further more detailed analysis of the recopmmendations and then made a final recommendation as to relocating to a new site.

Miller Coors Brewing Company-Milwaukee, WI 2000

The Milwaukee headquarters of Miller Coors Brewing consisted of a 650,000 square foot facility on the west side of Milwaukee. Our charge for this year-long project was to develop a long-range facility plan for the headquarters.

We interviewed over 70 employees from the CEO to the office manager. Based on their growth and the future of their workforce and their industry, our ultimate deliverable was to recommend space allocation standards based on function not status or hierarchy, detailed blocking and stacking diagrams for every floor, an implementation plan and a budget.

Broan NuTone-Hartford, WI 2000-2003

This was a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company that had done nothing to improve their corporate headquarters other than stop-gap meaures in twenty years. They knew they were going to grow and had to take major steps in regards to their corporate headquarters.

We worked with them to develop a plan for the future based on their expected growth as well as looking at their work processes and considering the future workforce. We made a recommendation to double the size of their current corporate headquarters and completely gut a renovate their existing building. We put in place a two-year implementation plan and as their consultant took them from a “blank sheet of paper to move in”.


ISS World/The Nielsen Company 2011, Tampa, FL

The Nielsen Company outsourced their security services, grounds and maintenance, janitorial services and office services to four national outsource contractors. In 2011 ISS World, a global facility management outsourcing provider won the contract to provide all of these services at The Nielsen Company’s Florida locations, five facilities totaling 650,000 square feet of space. Facility Futures was contracted by ISS World to manage the transition from the former providers to ISS World. This required an intimate knowledge of how facility management services are provided to a large organization with a specific focus on operational costs and project management.

Associated Bank 2010 (on going), Green Bay and Milwaukee, WI

Facility Futures was hired to provide executive oversight and project management for the Associated Bank Footprint project, a project that will result in the renovation of over 250 branch banks through out Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota over the next four years. Facility Futures’ responsibilities entail overseeing a Core Team consisting of key Associated Bank employees and the various architects who contribute knowledge and expertise and have specific input into each individual branch bank project. Ultimately, through an established process, Facility Futures is responsible for seeing each project through from inception through schematic design, construction document preparation and bidding and gaining the necessary internal bank approvals thereby positioning each project for success.

Northwestern Mutual 2010-2011, Milwaukee, WI

Facility Futures was engaged to develop a strategic facility assessment, looking at both the maintenance operations and at the physical workplace and how it must change to meet the needs of future workers. This was a year long project. The maintenance and operations portion of the analysis consisted of a detailed review of capital and maintenance plans as well as reviews and benchmark analysis of operating costs to determine their maintenance and operation activities and make recommendations for the future. The workplace design segment of the analysis included interviews with Senior Management and other key individual, demographic focus groups as well as research that complimented the experience of Mr. Sekula who has in the near past, conducted national research into what makes a workplace great. Over the past five years, he has spoken on the subject nationally. The result was a comprehensive report recommending further maintenance activities as well as detailed recommendations regarding the future of Northwestern Mutual’s workplace.

Northwestern Mutual 2008, Milwaukee, WI

This engagement for Northwestern Mutual was to conduct a space utilization study for all of their corporate facilities (six facilities totaling approximately 2.7 million square feet). Using industry recognized benchmarking information and experience as a facility management practitioner, Mr. Sekula conducted a detailed analysis of the current corporate space and well it was being utilized. The result was a comprehensive report detailing the findings from the analysis and commensurate recommendations.

Snap-on Corporation 2010-11, Kenosha, WI

The CEO of Snap-on wanted a new more dramatic entry to their corporate headquarters. He wanted more light to flow into the entry lobby as well as a drop off area for employees and guests. Facility Futures was engaged by the Snap-on Facility Director to “make that happen”. Facility Futures put a architect/contractor team together and in six short months Snap-on had a new entry with ample daylight and designed to enhance the Snap-on brand as well as a new steel and glass entry canopy. Mark Sekula oversaw the design and construction of this million dollar project.

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